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What was solved for the customer?

From: 本站 Author: admin Posted: 2020-12-03 09:43:33 View: 1396

>Solve the problem of product matching: professional stage lighting products are complete, civilized and punctual, quality assurance, can meet the needs of various projects.


>Solve the problem of technology integration: lighting design technology, construction technology, installation and debugging technology, from pre planning to training delivery


>Solved the system integration problem: from project approval to put into use, Hengyuan team tracked the whole process and solved the system process problems.


>The problem of deepening in the later stage is solved: in the late stage of project delivery, when the engineer has new planning and new scheme design, our company will actively cooperate with the requirements for deepening and modifying.


>The project guarantee problem is solved: for the project with warranty period expired, high-quality and good price service is implemented. After the project is completed, it will continue to keep in touch with customers and provide engineering consulting service free of charge.