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Popularization of basic knowledge of stage lighting design

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Every time I see the excellent performance of the actors on the stage is so amazing, in fact, their successful performance also has a part of the credit for the stage lighting design.


Nowadays, many institutions, colleges, associations and enterprises have built their own auditorium, auditorium, multi-function hall and other variety venues. They need to be equipped with some professional lighting equipment. Due to the lack of understanding of stage lighting, they do not know how to correctly select professional lighting equipment. However, many professional lighting equipment vendors have a poor understanding of professional stage lighting equipment, so they can't Give the right guidance to waste money. In order to prevent unnecessary waste, today's editors of will give you a simple understanding of the basic knowledge of stage lighting.


Stage lighting design related requirements are to meet the requirements of large-scale singing and dancing parties, art performances, dramas, concerts and large-scale conferences, and some simple requirements should be followed first.


1、 Common light position of stage lighting

In order to do a good job in the configuration of professional stage lamps, we must first understand the common light position of stage lamps, which is an important link in the correct selection of configuration.

1. Surface light: the light from the top of the audience to the stage, mainly used for the front lighting of the characters and the basic lighting of the whole stage.

2. Ear slap: the light which is located on both sides of the stage, and is divided into upper and lower layers. It is mainly used to spread the surface light, enhance the facial lighting, and increase the plane sense of characters and scenery.

3. Column light (also known as side light): the light projected from both sides of the platform mouth is mainly used for lighting the two sides of people and scenery to increase the sense of plane and outline.

4. Top light: the light cast from the top of the stage to the stage is divided into a row of top lights, two rows of top lights, three rows of top lights, etc. it is mainly used for the general lighting of the stage to increase the illumination of the stage, and there are many fixed-point reflections of scenery and props.

5. Backlight: the light projected from the opposite direction of the stage (such as the top light, bridge light, etc.) can outline the outline of people and scenery, enhance the sense of plane and transparency, and can also be used as a specific light source.

6. Bridge light: the light cast to the stage at the overpasses on both sides of the stage. It is mainly used to assist the column light and enhance the sense of plane. It can also be used as a special light source for other positions where it is inconvenient to project

7. Foot light: the light projected from the stage board in front of the stage, mainly used to assist the surface lighting and eliminate the shadow caused by the face light and other high-level reflection of the face and jaw.

8. Skylight: the light cast from above and below the canopy to the canopy, mainly used for lighting and color change of the canopy.

9. Movable light: it is located on the movable lamp stand on both sides of the stage, which is mainly used to assist the bridge light, supplement the light on both sides of the stage and other specific lights.

10. Light tracing: the light position required from the auditorium or other positions is mainly used to track the actor's performance or highlight a certain light, and is also used for the person in charge. It is a close-up brush of stage art and plays a role of finishing the point.


2、 Common lamps and characteristics

1. Spotlight: it is one of the most commonly used main lamps in stage lighting. As the main stage light source, it is commonly used for surface light, ear light and side light.

2. Soft light lamp: the light is gentle and symmetrical, which can highlight a part and has no rigid spot, which is convenient for several lamps to connect. It is often used in near spaced optical positions such as column light and active light.

3. Return light: it is a kind of reflective lamp, which is characterized by hard light quality, high illumination and long range. It is an economical and efficient strong light lamp.

4. Astigmatism lamp: the light is diffuse, symmetrical, and has a large projection area. It can be divided into sky lighting and ground lighting. It is commonly used for sky screen reflection and general lighting of theater podium.

5. Exterior light: the principle is between the rear light and the spotlight. It is a kind of special lamp, which is mainly used for the shape projection of people and scenery.

6. Foot light lamp (also known as strip lamp): the light is mild and the area is common. It is mainly used as setting light and color for medium and net scenery, and can also assist surface lighting at the entrance of the platform.

7. Light column lamp (also known as downlight): it is widely used at present. It can be used for lighting people and scenery in all directions. It can also be directly installed on the stage and exposed to the audience to form a lamp array for stage decoration and lighting.

8. Projection slide and sky screen effect lamp: it can form a whole picture on the stage sky screen and various special effects, such as wind, rain, thunder, electricity, water, fire, smoke, cloud, etc.

9. Computer lamp: This is a kind of intelligent lamp controlled by DMX512 or RS232 or PMX signal. Its light color, spot and illuminance are better than the above conventional lamps. It is a kind of intelligent lamp developed rapidly in recent years. It is often installed in the position of surface light, top light and backstage stage. The color, shape and diagram of its operation can be programmed. Due to the difference of power, it should be used differently on the stage. Ordinary low-power computer light, only suitable for Ballroom use. On the stage, the light and spot of low-power computer lights are often diluted by stage spotlights and return lights, so special attention should be paid to the selection.

10. Spotlight lamp: it is a kind of stage lamp with high brightness and imaging by lens. It can present clear spot. After adjusting the focal length, it can change the true or false spot. There are movable light bars, easy to change color, lamp body can run freely, etc. At present, there are many kinds of market, and the marking methods are different. The power standard is: 1kW tungsten halogen light source, 1kW metal halide light source, 2kW metal halide light source, etc., and there are also tracking lamps (light intensity and illuminance under specific interval) with interval as the standard, such as 8-10m chasing light, 15-30m chasing light, 30-50m chasing light, 50-80 chasing light, etc Mechanical tracking lamp, its focus, light bar, color change are all completed manually; the other is computer tracking light, whose focus, light bar, color change, color temperature adjustment are automatically completed by pushing and pulling electrical appliances, so we must carefully select various indicators when selecting.


After understanding the basic knowledge of stage lighting, it is also the key to choose a product supplier with good reputation and strong reputation. In recent years, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of culture, the National Audit Office and the State Administration of press, publication, radio, film and television recently issued a notice calling for curbing extravagance and advocating frugality in holding evening parties. As an important measure to implement the eight provisions of the Central Committee on improving work style and keeping close contact with the masses, it has also caused great repercussions on China's performing arts market. We have learned that the major satellite TV New Year's Eve party, Spring Festival Gala and children's Eve party, which are well received across the country, adhere to the principle of "not burning money" from stage design to invited performance. Together with Hunan Satellite TV, Lifeng Lighting Co., Ltd. not only implements the principle of "thrifty running the Spring Festival Gala", but also makes every effort to present a party of high artistic standard to the TV audience. The lighting solution designed by Lifeng culture is soft and magical. The perfect combination of lighting and video technology makes the powerful singers such as Huang Qishan, stage queens Li Yuchun, Lin Zhiying, Zhang Liang, etc Every guest on stage creates a wonderful performance effect. At the same time, we should try our best to present a party of high artistic standard to TV audience.